Can You Do A Brazilian Blowout At Home?

brazilian blowout

Everyone would want to do their Brazilian blowout in a Brazilian blowout salon. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to do it.

What next if you can’t afford the hair treatment?  Can you do a Brazilian blowout at home? Yes, you can do it. To help you out, here are the steps to follow for the best results:

Step 1: Wash your hair with a keratin shampoo

The purpose of doing this is to give your hair smoothing benefits before the actual treatment. Washing the hair with the blowout shampoo also prepares it for smoothing and gets rid of any residues.

For the best outcome, use a high-quality shampoo that will deeply cleanse and nourish your hair and at the same time calm frizz and boost the shine with keratin.

When washing the hair, avoid rubbing too vigorously to avoid breaking the delicate, wet strands.

Once you are done, wrap the hair in a towel and let it get rid of all the water.

Step 2: Massage the treatment into your hair

After towel drying the hair, comb it and divide it into 3-4 inch sections, making about 4-6 sections in total.

You should then take the Brazilian blowout professional treatment and apply it to each hair section moving from the root to the tip. For the best outcome, ensure that you cover every hair strand.

To have an easier time, use a comb to distribute the treatment evenly, then leave it in place for at least 30 minutes, after which you should rinse it out thoroughly.

If you are in a hurry or your hair is difficult to tame, use hair treatment infused with Brazilian nut oil and vitamin B3. These team together to tame the tresses and lock in the shine.

Step 3: Blow-dry and iron the hair.

The goal is to make the hair as straight as possible. Before you straighten the hair, towel dry it and ensure that you absorb as much water as possible.

Begin with combing the hair with a wide-tooth comb, then as the hair dries, switch the comb for a brush and brush the hair while blow-drying.

Brush the hair with downward strokes and point the blowdryer downward as that it dries the hair by smoothing it from above.

Once the hair is completely dry, iron it one section at a time to seal in the treatment.

Avoid washing your hair for the next 48 hours so that you allow the keratin treatment to set. During this time, try to keep the hair dry and straight as much as possible. This calls for you to avoid using hair clips and hair ties as much as possible.

Step 4: Maintain the hair with a keratin conditioner

This is an important step that puts you in the habit of taking good care of your hair. Apply the keratin conditioner to every hair strand. The conditioner seals in the cuticle and makes the hair easier to detangle. If necessary, brush or comb the hair.

Once you are done, blow-dry the hair straight one last time using the same flat or round brush, then style the hair as you like.

The entire process takes about 90 minutes or even less, depending on the thickness and texture of the hair. Obviously, straight hair takes less time than curly or wavy hair.

Too much of a hassle?

It’s possible to do a Brazilian blowout at home, but it can be a hassle, especially for many first-timers. If this is you, don’t risk it and damage your hair. Instead, put together some money and get keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville.

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How Long Does It Take For Extensions to Stop Hurting?

hair extensions

Do you remember the last visit to your hairstylist? If you can recall your first day ever applying locks, you understand the feeling of a new hair extension. To some, it’s always an easy walk in and out of the salon.

However, some people experience pain and inflammation associated with hair additions. Although it may feel sore applying hair extensions at times, it doesn’t have to last for long.

Wondering how long does it take for extensions to stop hurting? In most cases, hair extensions hurt for a few days and at most two weeks. 

If it goes beyond this, you have a problem, and you should have it checked by a professional. For example, you can visit the hair extensions salon you had your hair and ask them to remove the extensions.

Why are the extensions sore in the first place?

Hair extensions make it possible for women to play around with their natural hair. Clip-in, weave-in, or looping extensions allow easy hairstyling, attachment, and highlighting without transforming your natural hair.

Now, not all hairstylists understand the nature of your scalp. Therefore, unless you guide them on the materials to use with the extensions, this may turn out as a reason for a sore scalp, days after you install an extension.

To avoid pain, always specify whether you need metal clippers, wax, or the type of glue to use for your hair attachment.

Another reason for a painful extension is the tightness and nature of fixing. A tight extension pulls on your hair root and exposes it.

This may cause hair exacerbation, which is also a major reason for discomfort in some cases. Moreover, if you have an allergic skull or a sensitive scalp with your natural hair, always talk to your stylist not to loop your hair in a tight extension.

Lastly, the hair volume and the setting may be a reason for another headache. Some experts recommend that you don’t pile up hair beyond 120g. Hair extensions too heavy can be uncomfortable to hold.

Thick and lengthy hair additions may also cause strain and make you feel awkward in the first 24-48 hours after installation.

How long should the extensions hurt?

While it feels good to have a new hairdo, the tingle of the new bonds may last for some hours to days. If you spend a few hours with a little itchiness, a red hairline, or simply a dry scalp, simple remedies should relieve you of the discomfort.

These include applying ice balls to create numbness on the red scalp, finger massaging, oiling, and treatment of the scalp with moisturizing solutions and hair food.

That’s not all. You can also apply some hair sprays to cool down your hairline and scalp. On the contrary, pain that lasts more than 48hours calls for some pain medication. 

Now, if some Ibuprofen won’t calm you down, it is still advisable to revisit your hairstylist. You don’t have to endure it, just face it. If you don’t have the option of loosening your extension, completely do away with it.

A hair addition that makes you uncomfortable may also cause lots of hair fall. Consider simple options and practice a lot of self-care in the few hours after your new hairdo.

Take note: Tie a headscarf to avoid detangling your hair. You can also rest your head on a gentle silk pillow for flexibility and a lighter area for neck rest. Choose the right texture, length, and volume to avoid overburdening your scalp.

The Bottom line

Depending on your hair experience, you may love and wear hair additions occasionally. Unfortunately, you can’t be comfortable with it if it drives migraines, itchiness, or tension spots your way.

If you have had the extensions for more than a week and the pain is still there, visit salons that do hair extensions and ask them to remove the extensions.

If it takes longer than usual for the pain to ease, check out with your doctor to affirm that you don’t suffer from other conditions. Hypno

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How to Straighten Hair Perfectly

hair straightening salon

Are you thinking about bypassing a permanent hair straightening salon and straightening the hair by yourself but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here is how to straighten hair perfectly:

Get the right hair straightening tools.

Everything begins here, as there is no way you will straighten hair without the right tools. The best tools for the job are titanium flat irons, known to be excellent heat conductors, so they will effectively smoothen even the course strands.

When you are in the store, choose a tool with adjustable heat so you can easily get a sleek look without damaging the hair.

Choose the right temperature.

The temperature you choose is vital when it comes to straightening your hair without causing any damage. Of course, the temperature you choose depends on the condition of your hair. For example,

  • Use low heat on fine curls (320ºF to 350ºF)
  • Use medium heat on normal hair (350ºF to 385ºF)
  • Use high heat on course hair and curls (390ºF to 425ºF)

You should be cautious when straightening the 4c curl hair type as it tends to get easily damaged. To be on the safe side, ensure that you don’t go above 375ºF or 380ºF as you will easily damage the hair.

Adequately prepare the hair.

Before you embark on hair straightening, ensure that you properly prepare for it. As a rule of thumb, ensure the hair is completely dry before placing the flat iron on it. You also should protect the hair from heat sources using a heat protectant product. After applying the heat protectant, let the hair dry thoroughly.

Divide the hair into sections

To have an easy time straightening your hair, divide your hair into vertical sections. You should then work from your roots to the ends while pressing firmly as you move down each section. The purpose of doing this is to avoid going over the same area multiple times, which has been shown to promote hair damage.

As you pass the iron on the different sections, try your best to only make a single pass from the mid strand down to the ends.

Can you straighten hair without heat?

If you are afraid of using heat on your hair to avoid damage, you must be wondering whether it’s possible to straighten the hair properly without heat.

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely possible to do it unless your hair is already straight at the beginning and needs minimal touch-ups to get straight.

If you think this is the way to go about it, begin with setting up the hair. This calls for you to thoroughly towel dry the hair, apply an air-drying styling cream and comb through the hair to distribute and detangle the hair before styling evenly.

You should then section your hair into different pieces depending on your hair thickness and the size of the rollers. If you have smooth hair, you can get away with six rollers, three on each side, but if you have tightly coiled or extremely thick hair, you need eight or more sections.

After sectioning the hair, wind a hair section, beginning from near the ends, and move the rollers up and away from your face. You should do this until all strands in the piece are wound in the roller, and you have reached the roots.

You should then use a pin curl clip or bobby pin to secure the hair in the roller if necessary. Repeat this process to the rest of the sections and affix the rollers as tight to the roots as possible for the best straightening effect.

Once you are done, stylists working in Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville MD recommend you give the strands enough time to completely dry in the rollers, then carefully unwind each one and brush through the hair.

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What Is the Difference Between Balayage and Highlights?

hair straightening

At one point in time, highlighting your hair needed a cap, a crocheting needle, and a dose of patience. Well, this is not the case anymore. Currently, the hair coloring vocabulary has grown tremendously, and so are the options. We now have ombre, sombre, balayage, etc. 

Although these are the options, not many clients understand their differences. For example, do you know what is the difference between balayage and highlights? Well, let’s tell you. 

However, before we tell you the differences, let us first tell you what they mean. 

What Is Balayage

Balayage is derived from a French name that means ‘to paint or to sweep.’ It reflects how the color is ‘swept’ into the hair in a freestyle manner. When the color is applied, there is no need to touch the roots of the hair, and the color is painted from mid-length to the ends.

This technique is freestyle and does not use aluminum foil for application. Upon visiting a Balayage salon, the final result can be a natural sun-kissed look or an artfully blended color brush depending on your desired look. 

What Are Highlights?

Highlights are the older technique that uses aluminum foil to saturate small sections of hair. It’s mainly used to color the sections with a color a few shades lighter than the base color. For example, black hair can be highlighted with a blonde hue.

Unlike balayage, highlights are applied right from the roots of the hair up to the ends. Therefore, with highlights, proper hair maintenance is crucial as the hair grows. 

Key Differences

The Pattern of Color Placement. 

Balayage: Uses a freestyle manner to place the color on large sections of hair, which gives the hair a final artistic and barely organized look. 

Highlights: Uses aluminum foils to hold and saturate the color into small, well-organized sections of hair. The main focus is to highlight the areas of hair that help bring more focus to your face/beauty. 


Balayage: As the color is applied from mid-length to the tip of the hair, it is possible to grow it out naturally and therefore does not need regular maintenance. However, it is still recommended to have touch-up appointments every 12 to 16 weeks to ensure that your hair grows out more healthy. 

Highlights: When doing the traditional highlights, the color is applied from the roots of the hair. Therefore the hair will need a little more effort with regular touch-up as the hair grows out. You will need to book an appointment with your stylist at least once every six weeks. 

The Time to Complete the Application Process

Balayage: This technique uses a more artistic freestyle method to apply color. Therefore, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it can take anywhere between 45 minutes to three hours to complete the process. 

Highlights: This technique is a little more detailed and organized. The stylist needs to section the hair and place the aluminum foils strategically. Therefore, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it can take anywhere between 2-5 hours to finish the application. 


Balayage: The color used can be a few shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. However, the intensity of the final product can be pretty low because the technique does not use aluminum foils to emphasize the color. 

Highlights: It is called a highlight for a reason. The technique uses a color a few shades lighter than the base color to highlight your hair. Also, the color intensity is very high and much lighter than balayage because of the aluminum foils.

Final Results

Balayage: Since the color is applied from mid-length, the color seamlessly blends and camouflages the hair at the roots giving it a natural feel.

Highlights: This technique is more dramatic, and the final result is an intense streak of highlighted hair sections. 


From above, you can see that although the intention might be the same, these two techniques are as different as heaven and earth. 

Therefore, it is essential to think carefully and put all the above points into consideration before settling for one technique. 

Whether you settle on a balayage blonde Bethesda, or highlights, ensure you have your hair done by a reputable and experienced stylist.

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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

hair extensions salon

To get hair extensions, you have two options: buy the extensions and ask a stylist working in salons that do hair extensions apply them or you can visit a hair salon and have the extensions applied on you. How much do hair extensions cost in a salon? You must be wondering.

You can’t give a definite figure as the amount varies depending on the type of hair extensions you want, the salon’s location, the amount charged by the stylist, among many other things.

Dreaming about long, beautiful, luscious hair? Here are some of the extensions you can go for:

Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions aren’t that expensive so you can afford them even with a small budget. While they are cheap, you should remember you have to adjust and move them up every 6-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.

The maintenance cost varies depending on the cost of the stylist. This means that while the extensions are cost-effective, the maintenance costs quickly add up driving the cost of the extensions quite high.

Fusion hair extensions

They are the most expensive of the permanent hair extensions in the market. The stylists bond the extensions to your hair using keratin with a molecular structure similar to that of your hair.

And as a result, no hardness or hair damage results from glue like it’s the case with the other types of hair extensions.

When you are applying for the extensions, you should note that if your hair is sensitive, the bond’s weight might cause hair loss simply due to having pressure on your hair.

While these extensions are expensive, the good side is they last for a couple of months. Often 3-4 months. If you have a larger budget, you can go for a cold-fusion hair extension that lasts even longer.

Weft hair extensions and weaves

Weaves involve attaching hair to braids, and weft hair extensions are an evolution of this. The beauty with wefts is they don’t involve strand by strand application, so they are quicker to apply. This also makes them quite affordable.

Micro bead hair extensions

They cost almost the same as tape in hair extensions, but they last longer (up to 2 years when properly maintained). To maintain the extensions, you need to tighten them every 6 or so weeks.

So, as you can guess, this can get tedious and expensive.

Clip-in extensions

The cost of the extensions depends on the quality and length of hair. Obviously, the higher the hair quality, the more expensive the extensions and vice versa.

The cool thing with the extensions is they don’t require any maintenance so once you install them, you don’t have to fork out any extra cash.

The only flaw with the extensions is they tend to look fake or fail to blend with your hair and permanent extensions.

The extensions can also be a hassle to put them in, especially when you are new.

Halo hair extensions

Although, they are a little bit more expensive than clip-in extensions, they bring in far too many benefits. It’s for this reason many people refer to them as the holy grail of non-permanent hair extensions.

They are easy to put in, they blend naturally with your hair, and look extremely natural.

They are also easy to maintain, easy to wear and style.

When making the purchase, their price varies depending on their thickness.

If not sure about the right thickness to go for, ask the stylists when you visit a hair extensions salon Rockville MD.

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Keratin Treatment Salon: Which Is Better, Brazilian Or Keratin?

Keratin Treatment Salon

Keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout are hair smoothing treatments that temporarily coat the hair’s outer layer to smooth the hair, enhance shine, remove frizz, and decrease blow-drying time.

Other than the name and the ingredients you use to get the job done, there isn’t much difference between them. We can say they are like Coke and Pepsi.

If you are looking to straighten your hair, you must be wondering, which is better, Brazilian or Keratin?

We are going to look at how the two compare and guide you in choosing the right one. After reading this, you will know whether you should go to a Brazilian or keratin treatment salon.

Terminologies out of the way

Before we proceed, let’s first cover a few terminologies and understand what they mean. The Brazilian blowout is a brand name of a smoothing treatment product with its own specialized chemical makeup. In contrast, keratin treatments are smoothing treatments that contain the protein keratin made by different brands and manufacturers.

The Brazilian blowout

Now that is out of the way, let’s proceed.

The Brazilian blowout has developed its smoothing treatment using plant-based amino acids as the active ingredients. This means the Brazilian blowout doesn’t contain keratin to achieve its smoothing results.

The blowout puts a protein coating on the hair that helps reduce volume and bulk as well as curl. If you don’t want a lot of density or curls, this is the direction you should take.

The Brazilian blowout makes an excellent alternative if you have tried the Japanese straighteners or relaxers in the past without success.

While the treatment is excellent, its major downside is that it doesn’t coat your hair with a protein or seal or penetrate the hair like keratin. Due to this, your hair is at great risk, especially if you don’t take good care of the hair or wash out the hair too regularly.

If you regularly get these treatments, your hair can become over-proteins, and when your hair suffers a protein overload, it feels dry and brittle.

To prevent your hair from being too brittle or dry, you need to consult your stylist, who will recommend the best products. For best results, use high-quality conditioners, shampoos, and styling products at all times.

Keratin treatment

The keratin treatment works slightly differently from the Brazilian blowout as the keratin molecule is smaller than the amino acid protein. Thus, the keratin penetrates the individual hair strands replenishing and repairing them from the inside out.

Keratin treatments are healthier for your hair as they add keratin molecules that fortify the hair internally and externally. Keratin will also make your hair stronger and more manageable.

Although the treatment washes out over time, you can make it last longer by using the right treatments and providing it with excellent home care.

Keratin treatment is also customizable so that you can give your hair your desired curls. You also don’t have to worry about overdoing it as the hair will take the keratin it needs and leave the remainder to wash away.

Which is better, Brazilian or keratin?

The choice will depend on you. If you have overly curly and overly voluminous hair, keratin treatment will be right for you as it’s known to calm unruly hair, creating a much straighter and sleeker appearance. The treatment will also reduce hair volume and make the hair easier to manage.

If your hair is already straight or fine or thin, keratin treatment wouldn’t be right for you. Instead, you should get the Brazilian blowout from a reputable Brazilian blowout salon.

Your choice will also depend on how soon you want the results. If you want instant results, get the Brazilian blowout. On the other side, if you aren’t interested in fast results, go for the keratin treatment, which takes up to 72 hours for the treatment to work completely. Hypno

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How Long Does Balayage Last? Balayage Salon Stylists Answer

balayage salon

Like other fashion and beauty marvels, balayage comes from France. Developed in the 1970s, balayage is a hair highlighting technique that involves visiting a balayage salon and the stylists sweeping colors down the hair without using foils.

The stylists aim to create a natural, sunkissed effect that can be done on any hair length. Whether you have long waves, short pixie, or color on your hair, you can get a balayage treatment.

How long does balayage last?

One of the most attractive features of balayage is that it lasts for a long time. The treatment is designed to blend into your hair seamlessly, so it looks natural.

Since the stylists apply the color at your natural hair, the hair grows out without any heavy lines of demarcation or noticeable differences at the roots, which makes it possible to wear the hair for a long time.

Depending on the style you go for, you can rock your balayage hair for up to 4 months.

Tips to make your balayage last longer

Would you love your balayage to last for a long time? You are in luck as there are plenty of ways to make it possible. Some of these ways include:

Get the right tone for your hair

If you get the wrong tone, it will only be a few days or weeks, and you will start noticing clear differences between your real hair and balayage treated hair. To ensure you get the right tone, have your hair done by an expert.

Expert hair stylists will analyze everything about your hair from its length to its thickness and porosity and recommend the best tone to go for.

Strengthen your hair

Weak, fragile hair with split ends gets easily damaged, and you have to retouch it after a few weeks. If you don’t want this, ensure the hair is strong enough by the time you are getting the treatment.

One great way of going about it is to apply coconut oil a week before you get the treatment. As a result of strengthening the hair, the hair suffers less, increasing its chances of lasting for a long time.

Use professional products

Professional products aren’t similar to the low-grade products you buy in your local store. Most of the salons know the right products, so these are the best places to get your products from. Self-application can’t be the same as a professional application, so it’s wise to get the hair done in a professional salon.

Use purple shampoo and conditioner.

You need to maintain the shine of your hair, and there is no better way to do it than with the purple shampoo. The shampoo neutralizes any unwanted metallic tone, so you have healthy shinning hair.

Nourish your hair from the roots

A great way to keep your hair healthy is to nourish it from the roots. Apply a few drops of oil to the hair ends, which will maintain moisture in the hair fibers. One of the best oils to use is organ. It doesn’t smell and gives the hair a great look when you consistently apply it.

Avoid washing your hair daily.

As a lady, you want to remain clean and fresh, but you should avoid washing your hair too often. When you do it, you will make your balayage blonde Rockville fade fast hence requiring you to get a replacement after a few months.

If you have greasy hair, try using dry shampoo, and you will have clean hair, with volume, and without any signs of greasiness. Remember when washing the hair to stay away from products that might damage the hair.

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Hair Extensions Salon: 7 Things You Should Know About Hair Straightening

Are you looking to straighten your hair? Here are 7 things you should know about it:

Use the right temperature

If you aren’t going to have your hair done in a hair extensions salon, you should be cautious of the temperature you use. If you are new to hair straightening, you might think that turning the dial on to the maximum temperature will give you perfect hair, but this isn’t the case.

Straightening the hair at extremely high temperatures will lead to hair damage. To straighten the hair and at the same time protect it from damage, ensure that the temperature isn’t more than 325 degrees.

While you shouldn’t raise the temperature too high, you also shouldn’t use extremely low heat. When the temperature is too low, you have to go over the hair multiple times which might cause the same damage as using a lot of heat.

If you aren’t sure about setting your hairdryer at the right temperature, have the hair done by an expert.

Use the right flat iron.

You might set the appliance at the right temperature, but if you are using the wrong one, you won’t get ideal results. When buying a flat iron, ensure that you are buying one with plates coated with ceramic. This is because ceramic distributes heat evenly, so you are less likely to burn the hair due to the iron having hot spots.

Moisturize the hair

The hair is rich in proteins and oils, but when you expose it to high amounts of heat, the oils and proteins burn out. To protect your hair, before you straighten it, apply products such as iron protection spray or styling cream.  This way, the hair will withstand more heat; hence it won’t get damaged.

Don’t style the hair too often.

As much as you want perfectly straight hair, you shouldn’t straighten it daily. Instead, style it every second day and wash it in between the styling to keep it in perfect shape. Do you have hair that gets greasy fast? In between the washes, use dry shampoo or a small amount of baby powder. The powder will absorb the grease, so you don’t have to wash and restyle the hair too often.

Never straighten the hair while wet.

Even if you have applied the heat products, you should never straighten the hair while wet. This is because applying heat to the wet hair damages the hair fast as there is direct heat being applied to the hair. There is also a lot of heat being added to the water causing steam.

In most cases, people straighten their hair when wet when they are in a hurry, especially in the morning. To avoid this, plan accordingly, so you have enough time to wash the hair and allow it to dry out completely.

You give up on options.

If you opt to straighten your hair permanently, you should note that you will be giving up on the options of wearing the natural curls in the future. If you want to be wearing straight hair once in a while, don’t permanently straighten it. Instead, use a straightener iron.

Don’t use keratin treatments as hair straightening methods.

Contrary to popular belief, keratin treatments aren’t hair straightening treatments. The treatments will smooth out the hair texture and get rid of huge amounts of frizz, but your hair won’t be straight.

The Brazilian keratin straightening is ideal when you have curly hair that you aren’t proud of. Even if you aren’t getting the hair straighter, ensure that an expert hairstylist does the work. You don’t want your hair damaged, do you? Hypno

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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair After Visiting A Balayage Salon

balayage salon

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep,” which describes how the hair highlights are applied. For those who don’t know, balayage is a highlighting technique that was created by French colorists in the 1970s.

When you visit a balayage salon, the salonist uses unique weaving and teasing technique to separate the hair strands, bleach, and paint them.

Although, no fancy equipment is used to style the hair, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of it. Just like any other hair, you need to take good care of your balayage treated hair for it to look good and last for a long time. Some of the ways of taking good care of the hair include:

Moisturize the hair every week

At least once a week, moisturize the hair so that it stays vibrant and glistering. One of the best products to use is natural oil. Start with rinsing the hair with hot water to prepare the cuticle, slather on the oil, then wrap the hair up in a plastic wrap and wait.

The longer you wait, the more moisturized your hair will be. After waiting long enough, remove the plastic wrap and get into the shower. You should note that sometimes you may have to wash the hair twice to remove all the oils. Washing twice also ensures that the hair doesn’t look greasy.

When you moisturize the hair, you add moisture to it, which keeps it looking perfect.

Protect the hair from heat

There is no way you are going to maintain the color of your hair if you keep on exposing it to heat-producing equipment such as blowdryer. Heat leaves your hair looking rough and frizzy. The hair color also fades.

When using hot hair tools, always wear a heat protectant. The protectant not only prevents the heat from getting deep into the hair, but it also nourishes and adds extra softness to the hair to provide the color stability you are looking for.

Wash your hair

Dirty hair is unpleasant to look at, so you need to wash it. How frequently you clean the hair depends on your hair and scalp type. If you have oily hair, wash the hair daily. If you can get away without washing daily, go ahead with it as you will be protecting the hair from damage.

To keep the hair in good condition, try to minimize your cleaning. Wash the hair twice or thrice a week using dry shampoo in between the washes. This will extend the life of the hair color.

Refresh your balayage in the salon

You don’t need to visit a salon every week, but you should do it at least once every few months. The stylists restore the initial color then tweak any issues that might be there. This might mean making micro-foils around the hairline or giving a full-blown treatment.

Feed your color at home

One of the principal reasons people love balayage is that it grows out naturally, and it doesn’t leave a big root line. While this is the case, several things can rob you of the hair color. Hair tools, swimming in chlorine pools, and washing the hair too much can remove most of the color.

Don’t wait until the next salon visit to restore the color as there are plenty of good quality products in the market you can go for. If you have balayage blonde Rockville MD, use a purple shampoo to keep the color fresh and get rid of any brassiness. If you have a caramel balayage, you can restore the original look using a shade that is close to yours.

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Hair Extensions Salon: Hair Care Dos And Don’ts

hair extensions salon

Hair extensions improve your looks by instantly adding volume and length to your original hair.

For you to keep the extensions looking great, so you don’t have to keep on visiting a hair extensions salon, you should take good care of the extensions. One of the ways of doing it is observing a set of dos and don’ts that include:

Do comb the hair properly

How you comb the hair not only determines how you look, it also determines how the extensions last. The right way of doing it is brushing the hair downward. To have an easy time handling the hair, section it in small sections before brushing.

When combing, hold the base then start combing from the ends. Once the brush starts passing through effortlessly, move to the next section. To avoid tearing the new extensions, take time to untangle each section carefully.

Many women comb their hair in the morning immediately they are out of the bathroom. Don’t brush or comb the extensions when wet. This is because the strain on the bond can cause the hair to weaken prematurely.

The bristle brushes you use when brushing can be course hence tug and pull on the hair, which significantly reduces the life of the extensions.

Do wash the hair properly

You need to wash the hair to get rid of dirt and prevent sweat from building up. The right way of doing it is by washing the hair in a downward motion from the scalp out. For best results, use a high-quality shampoo that matches your hair type.

Does your hair swell when you wash it? You can prevent it from doing it by wetting it, starting from the crown, and let the water flow downwards.

When you prevent the hair from swelling, you prevent it from tangling; hence you have an easy time brushing it.

Do style the hair properly

Do you want to improve how the hair looks? Style it to match your desired style. To do it, begin with brushing so that it’s completely tangle-free.

For you to attain fine or medium textures, let the hair air dry then gently remove excess moisture using moderate heat in a downward direction.

You should then section the hair in four sections and clip three sections out of the way so that you can easily style the remaining part.

When styling, start from the back section then divide it into two. You should then brush out the tangles then use a natural bristle brush and medium heat setting. You should then continue with sections that are no larger than the width of the brush.

Don’t sleep with wet hair

While some women love washing their hair early in the morning, others want to wash it at night. Some ladies make the mistake of washing their hair then sleep in it. Don’t do this.

Even when you wash the hair and it fails to dry, try speedy drying it with a blow dryer. When using it, take care that you don’t use a high heat setting that will damage the hair.

In addition to ensuring the hair is completely dry when sleeping, you also should ensure it’s not in a ponytail. This is because ponytails add collective weight on the bonds, which weakens the hair.

Don’t color the extensions by yourself

In the bid of saving money, some people try to dye their extensions by themselves. You should note that this can damage the hair for good, so you shouldn’t do it by yourself. Instead, hire a professional working in salons that do hair extensions Rockville to help you out.

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