Hair Extensions Salon: Hair Care Dos And Don’ts

hair extensions salon

Hair extensions improve your looks by instantly adding volume and length to your original hair.

For you to keep the extensions looking great, so you don’t have to keep on visiting a hair extensions salon, you should take good care of the extensions. One of the ways of doing it is observing a set of dos and don’ts that include:

Do comb the hair properly

How you comb the hair not only determines how you look, it also determines how the extensions last. The right way of doing it is brushing the hair downward. To have an easy time handling the hair, section it in small sections before brushing.

When combing, hold the base then start combing from the ends. Once the brush starts passing through effortlessly, move to the next section. To avoid tearing the new extensions, take time to untangle each section carefully.

Many women comb their hair in the morning immediately they are out of the bathroom. Don’t brush or comb the extensions when wet. This is because the strain on the bond can cause the hair to weaken prematurely.

The bristle brushes you use when brushing can be course hence tug and pull on the hair, which significantly reduces the life of the extensions.

Do wash the hair properly

You need to wash the hair to get rid of dirt and prevent sweat from building up. The right way of doing it is by washing the hair in a downward motion from the scalp out. For best results, use a high-quality shampoo that matches your hair type.

Does your hair swell when you wash it? You can prevent it from doing it by wetting it, starting from the crown, and let the water flow downwards.

When you prevent the hair from swelling, you prevent it from tangling; hence you have an easy time brushing it.

Do style the hair properly

Do you want to improve how the hair looks? Style it to match your desired style. To do it, begin with brushing so that it’s completely tangle-free.

For you to attain fine or medium textures, let the hair air dry then gently remove excess moisture using moderate heat in a downward direction.

You should then section the hair in four sections and clip three sections out of the way so that you can easily style the remaining part.

When styling, start from the back section then divide it into two. You should then brush out the tangles then use a natural bristle brush and medium heat setting. You should then continue with sections that are no larger than the width of the brush.

Don’t sleep with wet hair

While some women love washing their hair early in the morning, others want to wash it at night. Some ladies make the mistake of washing their hair then sleep in it. Don’t do this.

Even when you wash the hair and it fails to dry, try speedy drying it with a blow dryer. When using it, take care that you don’t use a high heat setting that will damage the hair.

In addition to ensuring the hair is completely dry when sleeping, you also should ensure it’s not in a ponytail. This is because ponytails add collective weight on the bonds, which weakens the hair.

Don’t color the extensions by yourself

In the bid of saving money, some people try to dye their extensions by themselves. You should note that this can damage the hair for good, so you shouldn’t do it by yourself. Instead, hire a professional working in salons that do hair extensions Rockville to help you out.

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