5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair After Visiting A Balayage Salon

balayage salon

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep,” which describes how the hair highlights are applied. For those who don’t know, balayage is a highlighting technique that was created by French colorists in the 1970s.

When you visit a balayage salon, the salonist uses unique weaving and teasing technique to separate the hair strands, bleach, and paint them.

Although, no fancy equipment is used to style the hair, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of it. Just like any other hair, you need to take good care of your balayage treated hair for it to look good and last for a long time. Some of the ways of taking good care of the hair include:

Moisturize the hair every week

At least once a week, moisturize the hair so that it stays vibrant and glistering. One of the best products to use is natural oil. Start with rinsing the hair with hot water to prepare the cuticle, slather on the oil, then wrap the hair up in a plastic wrap and wait.

The longer you wait, the more moisturized your hair will be. After waiting long enough, remove the plastic wrap and get into the shower. You should note that sometimes you may have to wash the hair twice to remove all the oils. Washing twice also ensures that the hair doesn’t look greasy.

When you moisturize the hair, you add moisture to it, which keeps it looking perfect.

Protect the hair from heat

There is no way you are going to maintain the color of your hair if you keep on exposing it to heat-producing equipment such as blowdryer. Heat leaves your hair looking rough and frizzy. The hair color also fades.

When using hot hair tools, always wear a heat protectant. The protectant not only prevents the heat from getting deep into the hair, but it also nourishes and adds extra softness to the hair to provide the color stability you are looking for.

Wash your hair

Dirty hair is unpleasant to look at, so you need to wash it. How frequently you clean the hair depends on your hair and scalp type. If you have oily hair, wash the hair daily. If you can get away without washing daily, go ahead with it as you will be protecting the hair from damage.

To keep the hair in good condition, try to minimize your cleaning. Wash the hair twice or thrice a week using dry shampoo in between the washes. This will extend the life of the hair color.

Refresh your balayage in the salon

You don’t need to visit a salon every week, but you should do it at least once every few months. The stylists restore the initial color then tweak any issues that might be there. This might mean making micro-foils around the hairline or giving a full-blown treatment.

Feed your color at home

One of the principal reasons people love balayage is that it grows out naturally, and it doesn’t leave a big root line. While this is the case, several things can rob you of the hair color. Hair tools, swimming in chlorine pools, and washing the hair too much can remove most of the color.

Don’t wait until the next salon visit to restore the color as there are plenty of good quality products in the market you can go for. If you have balayage blonde Rockville MD, use a purple shampoo to keep the color fresh and get rid of any brassiness. If you have a caramel balayage, you can restore the original look using a shade that is close to yours.

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