How to Straighten Hair Perfectly

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Are you thinking about bypassing a permanent hair straightening salon and straightening the hair by yourself but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here is how to straighten hair perfectly:

Get the right hair straightening tools.

Everything begins here, as there is no way you will straighten hair without the right tools. The best tools for the job are titanium flat irons, known to be excellent heat conductors, so they will effectively smoothen even the course strands.

When you are in the store, choose a tool with adjustable heat so you can easily get a sleek look without damaging the hair.

Choose the right temperature.

The temperature you choose is vital when it comes to straightening your hair without causing any damage. Of course, the temperature you choose depends on the condition of your hair. For example,

  • Use low heat on fine curls (320ºF to 350ºF)
  • Use medium heat on normal hair (350ºF to 385ºF)
  • Use high heat on course hair and curls (390ºF to 425ºF)

You should be cautious when straightening the 4c curl hair type as it tends to get easily damaged. To be on the safe side, ensure that you don’t go above 375ºF or 380ºF as you will easily damage the hair.

Adequately prepare the hair.

Before you embark on hair straightening, ensure that you properly prepare for it. As a rule of thumb, ensure the hair is completely dry before placing the flat iron on it. You also should protect the hair from heat sources using a heat protectant product. After applying the heat protectant, let the hair dry thoroughly.

Divide the hair into sections

To have an easy time straightening your hair, divide your hair into vertical sections. You should then work from your roots to the ends while pressing firmly as you move down each section. The purpose of doing this is to avoid going over the same area multiple times, which has been shown to promote hair damage.

As you pass the iron on the different sections, try your best to only make a single pass from the mid strand down to the ends.

Can you straighten hair without heat?

If you are afraid of using heat on your hair to avoid damage, you must be wondering whether it’s possible to straighten the hair properly without heat.

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely possible to do it unless your hair is already straight at the beginning and needs minimal touch-ups to get straight.

If you think this is the way to go about it, begin with setting up the hair. This calls for you to thoroughly towel dry the hair, apply an air-drying styling cream and comb through the hair to distribute and detangle the hair before styling evenly.

You should then section your hair into different pieces depending on your hair thickness and the size of the rollers. If you have smooth hair, you can get away with six rollers, three on each side, but if you have tightly coiled or extremely thick hair, you need eight or more sections.

After sectioning the hair, wind a hair section, beginning from near the ends, and move the rollers up and away from your face. You should do this until all strands in the piece are wound in the roller, and you have reached the roots.

You should then use a pin curl clip or bobby pin to secure the hair in the roller if necessary. Repeat this process to the rest of the sections and affix the rollers as tight to the roots as possible for the best straightening effect.

Once you are done, stylists working in Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville MD recommend you give the strands enough time to completely dry in the rollers, then carefully unwind each one and brush through the hair.

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