How Long Does It Take For Extensions to Stop Hurting?

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Do you remember the last visit to your hairstylist? If you can recall your first day ever applying locks, you understand the feeling of a new hair extension. To some, it’s always an easy walk in and out of the salon.

However, some people experience pain and inflammation associated with hair additions. Although it may feel sore applying hair extensions at times, it doesn’t have to last for long.

Wondering how long does it take for extensions to stop hurting? In most cases, hair extensions hurt for a few days and at most two weeks. 

If it goes beyond this, you have a problem, and you should have it checked by a professional. For example, you can visit the hair extensions salon you had your hair and ask them to remove the extensions.

Why are the extensions sore in the first place?

Hair extensions make it possible for women to play around with their natural hair. Clip-in, weave-in, or looping extensions allow easy hairstyling, attachment, and highlighting without transforming your natural hair.

Now, not all hairstylists understand the nature of your scalp. Therefore, unless you guide them on the materials to use with the extensions, this may turn out as a reason for a sore scalp, days after you install an extension.

To avoid pain, always specify whether you need metal clippers, wax, or the type of glue to use for your hair attachment.

Another reason for a painful extension is the tightness and nature of fixing. A tight extension pulls on your hair root and exposes it.

This may cause hair exacerbation, which is also a major reason for discomfort in some cases. Moreover, if you have an allergic skull or a sensitive scalp with your natural hair, always talk to your stylist not to loop your hair in a tight extension.

Lastly, the hair volume and the setting may be a reason for another headache. Some experts recommend that you don’t pile up hair beyond 120g. Hair extensions too heavy can be uncomfortable to hold.

Thick and lengthy hair additions may also cause strain and make you feel awkward in the first 24-48 hours after installation.

How long should the extensions hurt?

While it feels good to have a new hairdo, the tingle of the new bonds may last for some hours to days. If you spend a few hours with a little itchiness, a red hairline, or simply a dry scalp, simple remedies should relieve you of the discomfort.

These include applying ice balls to create numbness on the red scalp, finger massaging, oiling, and treatment of the scalp with moisturizing solutions and hair food.

That’s not all. You can also apply some hair sprays to cool down your hairline and scalp. On the contrary, pain that lasts more than 48hours calls for some pain medication. 

Now, if some Ibuprofen won’t calm you down, it is still advisable to revisit your hairstylist. You don’t have to endure it, just face it. If you don’t have the option of loosening your extension, completely do away with it.

A hair addition that makes you uncomfortable may also cause lots of hair fall. Consider simple options and practice a lot of self-care in the few hours after your new hairdo.

Take note: Tie a headscarf to avoid detangling your hair. You can also rest your head on a gentle silk pillow for flexibility and a lighter area for neck rest. Choose the right texture, length, and volume to avoid overburdening your scalp.

The Bottom line

Depending on your hair experience, you may love and wear hair additions occasionally. Unfortunately, you can’t be comfortable with it if it drives migraines, itchiness, or tension spots your way.

If you have had the extensions for more than a week and the pain is still there, visit salons that do hair extensions and ask them to remove the extensions.

If it takes longer than usual for the pain to ease, check out with your doctor to affirm that you don’t suffer from other conditions. Hypno

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