How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

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To get hair extensions, you have two options: buy the extensions and ask a stylist working in salons that do hair extensions apply them or you can visit a hair salon and have the extensions applied on you. How much do hair extensions cost in a salon? You must be wondering.

You can’t give a definite figure as the amount varies depending on the type of hair extensions you want, the salon’s location, the amount charged by the stylist, among many other things.

Dreaming about long, beautiful, luscious hair? Here are some of the extensions you can go for:

Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions aren’t that expensive so you can afford them even with a small budget. While they are cheap, you should remember you have to adjust and move them up every 6-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.

The maintenance cost varies depending on the cost of the stylist. This means that while the extensions are cost-effective, the maintenance costs quickly add up driving the cost of the extensions quite high.

Fusion hair extensions

They are the most expensive of the permanent hair extensions in the market. The stylists bond the extensions to your hair using keratin with a molecular structure similar to that of your hair.

And as a result, no hardness or hair damage results from glue like it’s the case with the other types of hair extensions.

When you are applying for the extensions, you should note that if your hair is sensitive, the bond’s weight might cause hair loss simply due to having pressure on your hair.

While these extensions are expensive, the good side is they last for a couple of months. Often 3-4 months. If you have a larger budget, you can go for a cold-fusion hair extension that lasts even longer.

Weft hair extensions and weaves

Weaves involve attaching hair to braids, and weft hair extensions are an evolution of this. The beauty with wefts is they don’t involve strand by strand application, so they are quicker to apply. This also makes them quite affordable.

Micro bead hair extensions

They cost almost the same as tape in hair extensions, but they last longer (up to 2 years when properly maintained). To maintain the extensions, you need to tighten them every 6 or so weeks.

So, as you can guess, this can get tedious and expensive.

Clip-in extensions

The cost of the extensions depends on the quality and length of hair. Obviously, the higher the hair quality, the more expensive the extensions and vice versa.

The cool thing with the extensions is they don’t require any maintenance so once you install them, you don’t have to fork out any extra cash.

The only flaw with the extensions is they tend to look fake or fail to blend with your hair and permanent extensions.

The extensions can also be a hassle to put them in, especially when you are new.

Halo hair extensions

Although, they are a little bit more expensive than clip-in extensions, they bring in far too many benefits. It’s for this reason many people refer to them as the holy grail of non-permanent hair extensions.

They are easy to put in, they blend naturally with your hair, and look extremely natural.

They are also easy to maintain, easy to wear and style.

When making the purchase, their price varies depending on their thickness.

If not sure about the right thickness to go for, ask the stylists when you visit a hair extensions salon Rockville MD.

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