Hair Extensions Salon: 7 Things You Should Know About Hair Straightening

Are you looking to straighten your hair? Here are 7 things you should know about it:

Use the right temperature

If you aren’t going to have your hair done in a hair extensions salon, you should be cautious of the temperature you use. If you are new to hair straightening, you might think that turning the dial on to the maximum temperature will give you perfect hair, but this isn’t the case.

Straightening the hair at extremely high temperatures will lead to hair damage. To straighten the hair and at the same time protect it from damage, ensure that the temperature isn’t more than 325 degrees.

While you shouldn’t raise the temperature too high, you also shouldn’t use extremely low heat. When the temperature is too low, you have to go over the hair multiple times which might cause the same damage as using a lot of heat.

If you aren’t sure about setting your hairdryer at the right temperature, have the hair done by an expert.

Use the right flat iron.

You might set the appliance at the right temperature, but if you are using the wrong one, you won’t get ideal results. When buying a flat iron, ensure that you are buying one with plates coated with ceramic. This is because ceramic distributes heat evenly, so you are less likely to burn the hair due to the iron having hot spots.

Moisturize the hair

The hair is rich in proteins and oils, but when you expose it to high amounts of heat, the oils and proteins burn out. To protect your hair, before you straighten it, apply products such as iron protection spray or styling cream.  This way, the hair will withstand more heat; hence it won’t get damaged.

Don’t style the hair too often.

As much as you want perfectly straight hair, you shouldn’t straighten it daily. Instead, style it every second day and wash it in between the styling to keep it in perfect shape. Do you have hair that gets greasy fast? In between the washes, use dry shampoo or a small amount of baby powder. The powder will absorb the grease, so you don’t have to wash and restyle the hair too often.

Never straighten the hair while wet.

Even if you have applied the heat products, you should never straighten the hair while wet. This is because applying heat to the wet hair damages the hair fast as there is direct heat being applied to the hair. There is also a lot of heat being added to the water causing steam.

In most cases, people straighten their hair when wet when they are in a hurry, especially in the morning. To avoid this, plan accordingly, so you have enough time to wash the hair and allow it to dry out completely.

You give up on options.

If you opt to straighten your hair permanently, you should note that you will be giving up on the options of wearing the natural curls in the future. If you want to be wearing straight hair once in a while, don’t permanently straighten it. Instead, use a straightener iron.

Don’t use keratin treatments as hair straightening methods.

Contrary to popular belief, keratin treatments aren’t hair straightening treatments. The treatments will smooth out the hair texture and get rid of huge amounts of frizz, but your hair won’t be straight.

The Brazilian keratin straightening is ideal when you have curly hair that you aren’t proud of. Even if you aren’t getting the hair straighter, ensure that an expert hairstylist does the work. You don’t want your hair damaged, do you? Hypno

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